Blood & Black Lace Episode 8 – Pali Highway

Amanda Chandler/ September 3, 2019

Aloha listeners. Tonight on Blood & Black Lace the girls are headed to the beautiful island of Hawaii to Old Pali Highway, where pork isn’t welcomed due to a bad breakup. Amanda Chandler

Blood & Black Lace Episode 7 – Resurrection Cemetery

Linzi Gray/ August 20, 2019

Tonight, on Blood & Black Lace, Linzi & Amanda spend the night in a cemetery, but not just any old cemetery. They are spending the night in America’s largest cemetery with one of America’s most infamous ghosts….Resurrection Mary, who is also known as the “vanishing hitchhiker”. Do not pull over, do not stop, and just keep driving because she does

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Blood & Black Lace Episode 6 Barton Mansion

Linzi Gray/ August 11, 2019

Tonight, on Blood & Black Lace, Amanda & Linzi head to the land of fame and fortune in sunny California, but what they encounter is far from sunny. Welcome to the Barton Mansion, where a demon lives, satanic rituals were performed and probably still are….   The link to the 2001 video of Barton Mansion. Watch it and decide for

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Blood & Black Lace Episode 5 Madame LaLaurie

Linzi Gray/ July 26, 2019

Tonight on Blood & Black Lace we’re headed to “The Big Easy” to discuss the tale of one socialites desire to torture, maim and kill her own help. Home isn’t always the safest place to be…   Linzi Gray

Blood & Black Lace Episode 4 Pennhurst Asylum

Linzi Gray/ July 19, 2019

Tonight on Blood and Black Lace Linzi and Amanda Admit themselves into the Infamous Pennhurst Asylum. Going into the Lives of the former Patients and victims of the Once School for the Blind, Mute, and Epileptic, turned Asylum turned Hell on Earth. Join Amanda, Linzi and Cleopatra and their box… of Bees… Here on this 4th Episode of Blood and

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Blood & Black Lace Episode 3 Mercy Brown

Linzi Gray/ July 12, 2019

Tonight on Blood and Black Lace we dive into the mysterious tale of Miss Mercy Brown, the infamous Rhode Island Vampire. Was Mercy Brown truly a vampire or was this a case of misdiagnosis?           Linzi Gray

Blood And Black Lace EP 1 Elbow Road

Linzi Gray/ May 31, 2019

On our Very First Episode of Blood and Black Lace we Tell you the Scary stories that Surround 1 road in Virginia… Elbow Road.   Linzi Gray


Linzi Gray/ April 23, 2019

Hey guys! Linzi here! I’m so excited to introduce a new podcast with Amanda O’Kert called Blood & Black Lace. Join us starting THIS Friday (and every Friday after) when we discuss an urban legend right in my own backyard. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it. Take a Listen to our Little Promo here. or on or if

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