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Bloody Rebuttals and Blood & Black Lace is a Redneck Rebuttal Entertainment Production. Starting in Early 2019 with the Writing of Season 1 and Within a few weeks Work Began.

Finding a Host or someone that could work and have as much fun as El has Proved to be as Daunting a Task as the Idea for the show. But at the Top of the list was Amanda Marie. A Country girl through and through, Fighting, Spiting, Cussing and Running Shine. This Girl has it all the Brains and The Brawn BUT she Is NUTZ. The Kinda Nuts ta ACTUALLY WANT TA GO INTO THESE PLACES!  Only Problem She is Hard ta tie down. El had to try others before Finally circling back to Amanda. And It was Perfect by the Time the Circle back happened Amanda was Ready for a New Project and BAM!! Bloody Rebuttals Blood & Black Lace was Born.