Some times the #Classics are oh so much Better. What ya think? EP2

Bokert/ March 20, 2018

We all know Gal Gadot did an Amazing Job as Wonder Woman But the Original suit was more in line with the Comics. Wonder Woman has had several Suits in the past but her most Famous would be the Lynda Carter Classic Comic Suit. Weigh in and let us know what you think. Bonus Pictures Just for Being Awesome & Voting.…

Some times the #Classics are oh so much Better. What ya think? EP1

Bokert/ March 19, 2018

Kicking off our New Daily Interactive “Some times the #Classics are oh so much Better. What ya think?” with the “MAN”, the Most Human of us all, The Last son of Krypton, the Man of Steel, Kal-El, Clark Kent, SUPERMAN!!! And Yes Henry Cavill has Worn the Original Suit. And A Bonus Pic For all those Questioning what it would…

Bring Farscape Back

Bokert/ February 27, 2018

Farscape is 20 Years old. It was March 19 1999 that Farscape, The Greatest Sifi Saga aired it’s first U.S. Episode. And it was October 18 2004 since we last saw our Brave crew of Moya Starbursting onto our Screens.  Boom Comics Continued the Stories and did a Amazing job with the Help of Rockne S. O’Bannon. Lets get this Show…

Now we get to watch how Rick gets Judith Killed

Bokert/ February 26, 2018

Rick is the Bad Guy and Tonights Episode of the Walking Dead Proves it. Rick has always been the one that Starts all the Fights and in so all the Deaths are his Fault.  I will explain why in this Post but First Let me catch you up on what happened to Carl and How Rick got him Killed. Be…

Black Lighting Finally gets its Footing

Bokert/ February 14, 2018

Now Now Now!!! Thats how you Do it!! Tonight’s episode of Back Lighting starts off with our Hero learning to fly, and bounces right into the lowly shop keeper getting harassed and standing his ground, and finally slide into one of the most Female Inspirational fight scenes since Wonder Woman with not one punch thrown. All this in the first…

My Return to Team Arrow

Bokert/ February 9, 2018

There are a lot of Teams to Join out here in the Comic, Nerd or the Geek World. Between  the CW, Marvel on Netflix, D.C Universe, Marvel Universe, and a bunch I have never heard of, there is a plethora of teams one may join. I am at my core Team Superman but since we do not have a Current…

Sons of Liberty Live Episode 1: Redneck Rebuttal

Bokert/ January 19, 2018

Special Guest Brian O’Kert and I discuss the lack of vision in the DCEU and the potential future of American politics Watch Sons of Liberty Live Episode 1: Redneck Rebuttal from RWCPGaming on