RRE History

Founded by Brian Lee O’Kert ‘El Tech O’ R.R.E, also known as Redneck Rebuttal Entertainment, began with an Idea of Brian’s “I want to Promote my friends work.” A funny catchy name… and a website and BOOM!!! Redneck Rebuttal is born.  In the following years through fan interaction & participation we will build a large Network of people from all over the world Rebutting on Entertainment, Spirituality, Horror, Nerdy, Plants, Tech… and WAY many More Stupid things!!

Meet the Family

 ‘El Tech O’  to all his Friends.has been in the Tech Industry for 20+ years. Even though he is the Brains behind all this he is also the Idiot that thought it up.  A Movie and T.V. buff Brian is a Classic Geek, he can do your Taxes and Kick your ass as well.


Even though Brian hold NO title at R.R.E. As the Founder you are always stuck with him on top.


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Interested in joining the team? Have any questions regarding any of our current content? Have any suggestions or tips? Feel free to contact us on any of our social media platforms or send us an email @ info@redneckrebuttal.com



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