Redneck Rebuttal Entertainment Powers Your Productions!




The R.R.E. Multi-camera system can Live Stream your event to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Your own Webpage, and or anywhere else you want to Stream…

Singular or All at once!


Audio only?

R.R.E. has a Solution for that as well with Radio over Internet and Podcasting.


The R.R.E. 360 system puts your viewers AT your Live event While they are still on their couch, via Facebook a.k.a. META, YouTube, or anywhere else you want to stream that supports 360.


Social Strategies

It’s not just about the live stream, Social Media is key.

Content Creation

Understand the interests & needs of Your audience & Build from there.


Best in class production integrated into 360/live streaming.

If YOU can THINK IT… We can Make IT!

A bit more about Redneck Rebuttal Entertainment?

As technology and social media evolve, live video… & 360 is not only gaining changing,

but is rapidly becoming a premier media of choice in today’s instant gratification-driven world.









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