Gambit & Rogue #VS Green Arrow & Black Canary

Jay Sandlin/ October 18, 2019

Jay and Jeremiah Sciek defend Rogue and Gambit #VS Cynnara and Crystal Storm with. Green Arrow and Black Canary, live in Las Vegas casino. This episode introduces the What Happens Next #VS Card Game, where the battle can shift with each card drawn. PLAY HERE The post Gambit & Rogue #VS Green Arrow & Black Canary appeared first on

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Blood & Black Lace Episode 14 Lizzie Borden

Amanda Chandler/ October 11, 2019

Tonight on episode 14, join the girls, @reallinzigray and @AmandaMOfficial and special guest, @JaySandlin_WHN as they dive deep into one of America’s most infamous unsolved murder mysteries…. #BloodandBlackLace  

Wonder Woman #VS She-Hulk

Jay Sandlin/ October 5, 2019

Guest (Master) Debater, BJ Mendelson, defends She-Hulk #VS Wonder Woman, defended by Jay. BJ talks working the continuation of the Orphan Black saga. Find out what happened to Jay and Cyn at DragonCon. LISTEN HERE LISTEN HERE The post Wonder Woman #VS She-Hulk appeared first on Jay Sandlin Writer.

Huey #VS Stewie

Jay Sandlin/ October 5, 2019

A debate of cartoon proportions, the Boondock’s Huey Freeman #VS Stewie Griffin of Family Guy. Special guest moderator is Boondocks writer, Rodney Barnes. Check out Rodney’s work on Hulu’s Wu Tang Clan and upcoming comic book Killadelphia! LISTEN HERE The post Huey #VS Stewie appeared first on Jay Sandlin Writer.

The OG Red Power Ranger vs Scorpion

Who Would Win Show/ October 5, 2019

Episode 94 OG Red Power Ranger VS Scorpion Mortal Kombat collides with the Power Rangers In the next episode of Who Would Win! Who wins the battle between Scorpion (repped by Ray Stakenas) and the original Red Ranger (repped by James Gavsie)? Who will judge Joey Pleasants see as the victor? Hosts & Guests James Gavsie Ray Stakenas Joey Pleasants

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Money Shot (Issues 1 & 2)

Jay Sandlin/ October 5, 2019

Money Shot (Issues 1 & 2) Published by Vault Comics: The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Comics Writer: Tim Seeley (Grayson, Revival, and Hack/Slash) Co-scripter: Sarah Beattie Artist: Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel & Faith) Colorist: Kurt Michael Russell (Hack/Slash, Glitterbomb) Letterer: Crank! (Rick and Morty, Curse Words) Review By: J. Paul Schiek I know what you’re thinking

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Harry Potter #VS She Said Destroy

Jay Sandlin/ October 5, 2019

The creators of Vault Comcs She Said Destroy, Joe Corallo and Liana Kangas moderate a debate between the Witches of Fey (defended by Cynnara) and Harry Potter with Dumbledore’s Army, defended by Jay. In short (pun intended), Jay is screwed. Listen here The post Harry Potter #VS She Said Destroy appeared first on Jay Sandlin Writer.

Mad Cave Studios: RV9 #1

Jay Sandlin/ October 5, 2019

Comic Book Talk: RV9 Mark London- Creator Ben Goldsmith- Writer Travis Mercer- Penciler Miguel Angel Zapata- Inker and Variant Cover Artist Maria Santaolalla- Colorist Justin Birch- Letterer Publication Date: November 13, 2019 Diamond Code: SEP191871 Rated: Teen+ Website Synopsis: Former assassin Velveteen is on the run from the Order of the 9, the organization that took her from her family

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Blood & Black Lace Episode 13 Emily Morgan Hotel

Amanda Chandler/ October 4, 2019

Tonight on our UnLucky 13th…. a week late but Too fun to rush. The Girls head down to Texas to a Hotel… The Emily Morgan Hotel to be Exact, where ghosts play tricks and mess with Guests and Staff alike. And As Always Friends we have some fun after and Hulk comes up this week if that is your Nitch.

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Some times the #Classics are oh so much Better. What ya think? EP63??

Brian O'Kert/ September 4, 2019

On this Episode of Some times the Classics are Oh so much Better, What do ya Think? The Battlestar Galactica travels through a Wormhole Meeting the Battlestar Galactica Yes that’s right A blast from the past has come back to Claim his title………….. STARBUCK!!!!! Wants his Name and His Ship back. On this Special Classics Episode in Honor of Katie

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Talking #Comics: Resonant #2 (The Vault Comics)

Jay Sandlin/ August 26, 2019

Resonant #2 A Review By. J. Paul Schiek Writer: David Andry Inkers: Ale Aragon Colorists: Harry Saxon Letterers: Deron Bennett Designers: Tim Daniel Cabins in the woods are good for a variety of purposes. Apart from being the ideal place for recitations from the Necronomicon, they provide a respite from the aggressions and doldrums of workaday life, a place to

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