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HIDDEN CAM: Russ Feingold Says Hillary Might Issue Executive Order on Guns

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Busted On Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes

Busted On Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes Continue Reading

Hillary doesn’t Lie

Hillary Clinton doesn’t Lie, If you listen close you will hear that everything she says is true. Bout who is the question Continue Reading

2016 Presidential Debates All 3 Back To Back

All 3 Debates back to back from 2016 Continue Reading

Danney Williams Bill Clinton Jr. Speaks out

Danney Williams who could Possible be Bill Clinton’s son speaks out before the 3rd debate. All he wants is a D.N.A. test. Support Us: Twitter: Website: Blog: Blog Twitter: Continue Reading

FBI Docs/ Bill Clinton’s SS Agent Consulted I.T. Staff On Wife’s Server

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Spirit of the Kat is here!!!!!!

So proud of my Girl following in Daddy’s footsteps, Making a name for herself on Social Media & BEYOND………. Follow her here Continue Reading

CNN Reporter Admits On The Air to being Clinton’s PAID Boy!!

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Broke Apple iPhone 6s

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Project Veritas and the Clinton Left Lies!

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CNN has FAILED!! Media Bias Byproduct!

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4th of July Parade

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4th of July Fireworks

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CNN has FAILED!! Media Bias Byproduct!

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Positively best Video Ever

I have been looking for a positive message, a uplifting video, or anything thing that will not only make me happy but maybe you as well.  @makaylaathomass posted a video of a girl’s passionate speech in a classroom on Twitter on Sept 27 2016, with the caption “just listen #blacklivesmatter.” The post has already garnered more… Continue Reading

Researching Climate Change, Real or the 2nd Biggest Hoax?

Climate Change Part 1 Oct 9-2016 14:40 OK so I am a Climate Change Denier, let’s get that out-of-the-way. But I want to believe. My only problem is like the show on USA Mr. Robot if something seems weird it scratches the brain and I can’t stop till I figure it out. As I do… Continue Reading

What Trek Against Trump Won’t Tell You.

The other day I saw A post from George Takei on Twitter  about Trek Against Donald J. Trump. I read the Post and the list of name ( at the time only a few ) J.J. Abrams, Scott Bakula (Capt. Jonathan Archer),  George Takei (Capt. Hikaru Sulu), and maybe a handful more. At the time… Continue Reading

Why Billy Ray Cyrus is a Genius.

Billy Ray Cyrus is a pure genius. Everyone Believes Miley Ray Cyrus  went off the rails a few years ago. From day one I saw that everything she did was and orchestrated for shock value and even though some went a bit far it never really stepped over the line. Like all other child stars… Continue Reading


Hello I am Alive. rtmp://       Continue Reading


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