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I have been looking for a positive message, a uplifting video, or anything thing that will not only make me happy but maybe you as well.  @makaylaathomass posted a video of a girl’s passionate speech in a classroom on Twitter on Sept 27 2016, with the caption “just listen #blacklivesmatter.” The post has already garnered more than 71,000 retweets and 100,000 likes.

Not being exactly sure what prompted the speech,( not that this crazy world doesn’t have a part in it ) but in any context, her words are so Powerful: “Tamir Rice could have been my brother,” she begins. “That could have been my brother, laid out on the street. A 13-year-old. Trayvon Martin was walking down the street with his hood on. Are you saying I can’t walk down the street in my own neighborhood without worrying about my safety? The people who are supposed to protect me are killing me every day.”

She goes on to explain that the language “black lives matter” isn’t meant to imply that black lives matter more than any other lives, nor is she saying that the movement is anti-police. “I’m not saying that I’m anti-cop because that’s not what it means,” she said. “What it means is black lives matter, too. But people seem” to forget about the ‘too.'”

The teen also reveals that the movement has had an impact on her own personal aspirations, saying, “If you think we’re going to sit here and let this keep letting this happen to us, that’s stupid. I will not. People ask me why I want to be a LAWYER. This is why.”

Take a look below, Watch the whole video, Listen don’t Judge, don’t pick apart the misinformation just LISTEN.

I realize that half of the people I speak to see this video differently than I. But for one second lets brake this video down to the most important part.  This young woman is Angry, she is Mad, she is Hurt, But if you listen through all of her passionate speech, you’ll see that not only did this young woman never advocate violence or hurting people or the destruction of property or the even abolishment of the police as we are so used to seeing. This young woman in the depths of her despair, has chosen to not only elevate herself to the next social level, but to also better the world by becoming a Lawyer, and to change this system the right way, the Legal way.


To me this is exactly the point, this is exactly what we have been pushing her to do. The fact that she has made this choice is exactly what we as society a civilized society has been working towards. This young woman could have easily had aspirations to be a famous singer or an actress or a social media star, but instead she is going to do the hard stuff the really really hard work of becoming a lawyer. And I don’t know about you but from the way I look at this, her message is the most positive message that I have seen in a while.

Let me know what you think below and lets pass this video around as much as possible.

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