Researching Climate Change, Real or the 2nd Biggest Hoax?

Climate Change Part 1

Oct 9-2016 14:40

OK so I am a Climate Change Denier, let’s get that out-of-the-way. But I want to believe. My only problem is like the show on USA Mr. Robot if something seems weird it scratches the brain and I can’t stop till I figure it out. As I do the research I will be updating this post and will be adding in feedback, Links of videos and articles as I go through them, and additional information. So if you would like to help educate leave a comment.

Climate change, the simplest way to explain this is that the CO2 (Carbon dioxide) is building up in the atmosphere and heating up Earth and thats its Possibly, Maybe, Could be, Caused by Humans . And that right now there is a 99.9% Consensus on this Conclusion by Scientist.

I’m not a Scientist, I’m not a Doctor, I’m not an Astronaut, but I can tell Bad Acting and I can tell Bad Science right off the bat. If you’re watching TV and a Doctor comes into the room and pulled out two chainsaws to start brain surgery, that’s a bad Acting job. If an Astronaut gives an interview in space outside the ship without a suit you know to call Bull.

So when an argument for a scientific theory starts with the consensus of the conclusion, you have to wonder. Are these red flags or are they purposeful. I feel like they have purposely steered away from saying the word Theory, I never hear any one say the Theory of Climate Change.

Basic science says you come up with a hypothesis for instants “a apple could maybe possibly be red”. After matching the Apple to other proven known red colors sources, and against colors that are not red, and retesting two or more times you have  proven that the apple is red and it becomes a theory. That Apple that you have in that instance for that moment is red, it cannot be changed there is no other theory that can prove It to be a different color. None.

The theory of relativity, the theory of gravity, the theory of evolution, the theory of plate tech-tonic’s, all of these are theories proven facts one way conclusions, but not even theses have 99.9% consensus. Climate change is based on a Model, A Prediction, a Bet.

I guess for me I’ve never seen so much blind assumptions before in a scientific proof.

Now before I go on let let me answer the question of Why am I doing this. I will gladly admit I am a big TV and Movie guy. Netflix has become my best friend. One of the shows we watch in this house is Chelsea Handler and on October 5th episode 61 “Climate Change Is Here and It’s Real”.  Chelsea had Ed Begley Jr.  ( who rode up on a bike ) she also had Donald Cheadle, Joshua Jackson, and Bill Nye on as well to talk about this issue. Now wow while Mr. Begley and Mr. Cheadle Both are living the life they are promoting I had no clue they were part of this issue. While these men are living the lifestyle people like Leonardo DiCaprio who is jet setting around the world is the one in the news, He is the one being spoken about. As the show progressed I was hoping to receive new information to hopefully be convinced, but to no avail the information at least from my perspective was all hearsay.  The new motto of  “its fact just believe us” is the exact same propaganda used by the church for so long and even to this day “God is real just believe us”.

Doing the research I watch the President Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio’s video recently where Leonardo DiCaprio interviewed President Barack Obama, and President Obama was talking about how the ozone in the 80s had a large hole in it due to the aerosol cans from deodorant. I realize that he was most likely generalizing and not saying that the aerosol cans themselves with the only reason but after that he went on to say that because they had changed the aerosols the ozone was healing or the hole was getting smaller.


But isn’t the entire argument that things are getting worse?

As a self proclaimed mathematician, I like to look at the smallest the simplest form of any problem.  That being said in my very first thought when we talk about the effects of climate change that are visible to us in our surroundings is Gravity.  Gravity, I never hear about the gravity in any of the climate change models. So the very first thing I do is research gravity, does gravity have anything to do with title shifts, with climate, with polar activity, with migrations, with anything.

A quick search on Google we find out that gravity is caused by the rotation of the earth and revolution around the sun.  The sun producing almost all of the gravitational force that we experience. OK that did not help out one bit.  Gravity is not really measured at least not in the climate change model and if it is it is modeled or predicted on a standard loop, a non-changing loop.  Simply stated that would mean that the sun emits the exact same amount of gravitational pull all the time it never changes the earth would  Circle the sun in a perfect Elliptical motion.

I think you can all see where I’m going here, with the newer technology and newer telescopes, etc.  we are able to see that the sun is very unstable, very active and could not maintain a stable gravitational force that has no changes on the environment around it. Now I realize that the way I just said that or wrote it might come across as fear mongering or scare tactic but it’s not even if the sun was to decrease by 1% in it’s Mass or Power, would we relatively know it? Probably not but on the surface of the sun a solar flare for instance can be visually detected because it is an unstable change in the surface of the sun.

So again Google search reveals that the earth does not move in a perfect circle around the sun sometimes were closer sometimes we’re further away. In the 1930s, Serbian mathematician Milutin Milankovitch theorized that slow changes in the way the Earth moves through space about the Sun could have influenced our planet’s climate past.

Well that should be the End of this, we should Stop right there the gravitational forces of the rotation of the earth around the sun has effect on the climate and everything else inside this celestial body.  This is almost the exact same argument of every single denier that I can find on the introweb.  So the next question I have to ask to the community of scientist who believe in climate change, is Milankovitch’s  Data be added, accounted for or just dismissed.  And what I have found is that it is totally dismissed, now I know most people say Bill Nye is not a scientist, but let’s be honest people `he is, he’s also smarter than you, he’s smarter than me.

So lets ask him

(only video i can find that he actually address it) at the 2:30 second mark Mr. Nye says “we’re not in that, thats secondary”. My question is, How can gravity be secondary? How is it that the most basic, the Fundamental Controlling Force of our planet, for our solar system, in our galaxy or universe is totally dismissed as a secondary causation to causing climate change?

I’m going to end this inquiry for today but will pick up more tomorrow with Part 2 I will timestamp everything so that you might possibly follow me down the rabbit hole. I have no clue how many parts there will be, but I will try and cover as much as possible before coming to a final conclusion Climate Change.

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