Blood & Black Lace Episode 4 Pennhurst Asylum

Tonight on Blood and Black Lace Linzi and Amanda Admit themselves into the Infamous Pennhurst Asylum.

Going into the Lives of the former Patients and victims of the Once School for the Blind, Mute, and Epileptic, turned Asylum turned Hell on Earth.

Join Amanda, Linzi and Cleopatra and their box… of Bees… Here on this 4th Episode of Blood and Black Lace.



Music & Audio by Mikey Flash , @MikeSchmidt09
Twitter- @musicspeedforce@musicspeedforce
Facebook- SpeedforceMusicSpeedforceMusic
Instagram- @speedfor@speedforcemusiccemusic
Email: musicspeedforce@gmail.comusicspeedforce@gmail.comm
Music by Twisterium / freebackTwisterium /
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