Seth MacFarlane Play Captain Kirk In ‘Star Trek’ Fan Made Film

The Captain of the Orville has been beating around the Universe for a While now.

Seth MacFarlane has long been know as a die-hard Star Trek fan and he brings that love of the bridge of The Orville, but Seth has been running around the Universe long before he ran threw a slime man. We can definitely see some of the same energy that Seth brings to the role of Captain Ed Mercer on The Orville in his Fan performance as Kirk.

Seth reunited the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation in an episode of his animated series Family Guy and worked with Next Generation star Patrick Stewart on another animated series, American Dad! Seth also made cameo appearances in two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, (which if your clever would make ya think he is in Kirk’s Timeline, Sorta)

Since Seth still looks 16 it is not a hard stretch…  and while promoting The Orville, Seth dished about how he wanted the show to fill the void in television that’s been there since Star Trek: Enterprise, the last Star Trek series to air on television, was canceled.

And now that all the Love is over the Video your all here to see:


The Orville will return for its 2nd season on Fox in 2018.

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