Black Lighting Finally gets its Footing

Now Now Now!!! Thats how you Do it!!

Tonight’s episode of Back Lighting starts off with our Hero learning to fly, and bounces right into the lowly shop keeper getting harassed and standing his ground, and finally slide into one of the most Female Inspirational fight scenes since Wonder Woman with not one punch thrown. All this in the first 20 minutes.

I mean come on!! After a Horrible execution of the first four Episodes this has been a Great turn of events. I fully understand that a Concept this Big and different is going to be a hard one to accomplish. But with four other Superhero shows on the CW one would think this would have been a slam dunk.

Arrows first five episodes was slow due to the fact that he was first and alone and building a team. The flash gym straight in with a speed unseen of any of the other shows but it is Flash and we would hope that it would have a faster start then the rest. When it came to Legends of Tomorrow the stories were already built using the other shows and hence you get to jump straight in. Supergirl probably one of my most favorite shows on tv right now never needs more than the minute intro to get the blood running.

Much a Family centered show even though a Broken Home, Both parents being involved in their children’s lives have been a part of the show till now that has stumbled a bit. The look on Cress Williams ( Jefferson Pierce ) face when China Anne McClain ( Jennifer Pierce ) told him it was two girls and she was not the aggressor or the Loser, was priceless and Just what we expect from Black Lighting. Helping to firmly cement him in the Father of the year Award running next to Jesse L. Martin and John Wesley Shipp.

Even though it looks like Hubris is going to play a big part of upcoming episodes, I think this show has so much Potential and I really believe we will be talking six to eight seasons and a few spinoffs. With the introduction to our newest and probably the only Hero to Actually wear spandex Nafessa Williams ( Anissa Pierce ) is going to Kick some Serious butt if she has 1/10 her sister’s fighting ability.  Black Lighting has finally gotten in the Game, and all I see is up, up up Ratings and Fans for this Show.

Additional: Feedback from My buddy over at @The_GWW / is that I need to explain why I did not Enjoy the first four Episodes.  

As Above outlining the other shows, Black Lighting was Presented in the same way as The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow but should have had a more singular focused start much like Arrow. Without all the Buildup and or Just one Hell of a intro, like with Supergirl, The world Black Lighting is centered around is Alien at best to most of us. The Backstory should have been more heavily focused on instead of jumping right into season 3 and hoping everyone is up to speed. Being that we were never really introduced to Black Lighting on any other show or movie, jumping right in is throwing the show off, from my perspective.

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