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#WhatHappensNext: Writing with Rodney Barnes

Jay Sandlin/ June 1, 2019

#WhatHappensNext: New #Podcast   This week’s new episode on #WhatHappensNext – It’ll blow your mind as Rodney Barnes joins in to take on the Lando Gigolo scandal.   Game 1: Feel the heat as the panel create Alternate Endings for your fav films.   Game 2: Pitch This! The panel pitches stories to Rodney. Rodney rates how good (or outrageously

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Blood And Black Lace EP 1 Elbow Road

Linzi Gray/ May 31, 2019

On our Very First Episode of Blood and Black Lace we Tell you the Scary stories that Surround 1 road in Virginia… Elbow Road.   Linzi Grayhttps://itslinzibitch.wordpress.com/

Parody of Behind the Scenes: Swearnews

Brian O'Kert/ February 7, 2018

Parody of Behind the Scenes: Swearnews Brian O'KertBastard son of the House of El: I Build what You Think up… Disclaimer: I am NOT ta be Held Responsible for what comes Next. http://eltecho.me