#ComicBook Talk: Hush Ronin

Jay Sandlin/ June 21, 2019

Hush Ronin, Issue 1: Created by J. Paul Schiek & Mitchell Kopitch. Dive in to a Ronin’s Tale of Sex, Swords, and Sake! Honorable reader! Sheathe your katana and prepare to go back in time with Hush– the wise-cracking Samurai w/ a Sword– living day by day in a feudal world of wonder. Drawn in black and white, the book

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#WhoWouldWin: Blade vs General Grievous

Who Would Win Show/ June 18, 2019

It’s Hunter vs Hunter as Blade takes on #General Grievous in another episode of #WhoWouldWin! Will the Jedi Hunter (repped by Ray Stakenas) win or will the Day Walker (repped by James Gavsie) take the victory? How will Loryn Stone judge this battle? This episode is brought to you by Final Draft! Final Draft has been the number one-selling screenwriting

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#WhatHappensNext: World’s Worst Gwary

Jay Sandlin/ June 18, 2019

Jay Sandlin’s #WhatHappensNext: Professional #Writers play comedy #Improv games based on #comicbooks, while offering tips for the #WritingCommunity. In this episode, writer, J. Paul Schiek talks his new comic from Ashcan Press, Hush Ronin. The panel plays: 1. Blind Interview: Artist interviewed about a project he knows nothing about. Must guess the project based on questions. 2. #WhatHappensNext: Panel takes

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#WhoWouldWin: Iron Giant Vs Solid Snake

Who Would Win Show/ June 10, 2019

And in 2 days in the next episode of #WhoWouldWin it’s…. #SolidSnake (repped by Ray Stakenas) vs the #IronGiant (repped by James Gavsie)! Does Metal Gear’s ‘hero’ win or does Vin Diesel’s Giant Robot get the victory? With special judge Chris Perfett                     This episode is brought to you by Final

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#WhatHappensNext moves to Monday’s!

Jay Sandlin/ June 8, 2019

#WhatHappensNext new shows will move to Mondays, with special event #Livecasts coming on @Castbox_fm The post #WhatHappensNext moves to Monday’s! appeared first on Jay Sandlin Writer. Jay Sandlinhttps://jaysandlin.com/

#WhatHappensNext: Writing with Rodney Barnes

Jay Sandlin/ June 1, 2019

#WhatHappensNext: New #Podcast   This week’s new episode on #WhatHappensNext – It’ll blow your mind as Rodney Barnes joins in to take on the Lando Gigolo scandal.   Game 1: Feel the heat as the panel create Alternate Endings for your fav films.   Game 2: Pitch This! The panel pitches stories to Rodney. Rodney rates how good (or outrageously

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#WhatHappensNext: #InfinityGauntlet

Jay Sandlin/ May 31, 2019

You pick up the #InfinityGauntlet, close your eyes, snap your fingers, and… #WhatHappensNext My favorite answers will receive brand new “Jay Sandlin’s #WhatHappensNext” stickers, c/o @stickermule The post #WhatHappensNext: #InfinityGauntlet appeared first on Jay Sandlin Writer. Jay Sandlinhttps://jaysandlin.com/

#WhatHappensNext with Comic Book Legend Paul Jenkins!

Jay Sandlin/ May 31, 2019

#ComicBook Legend, Paul Jenkins, joins the panel with Amy Lyle, Kevin Israel, and Cynnara to play: Game 1: Alphabet Game at a Hellblazer Signing Game 2: Good, Bad, and Ugly #Writing Advice from Paul & the Panel! Game 3: #Wolverine Goes Back to School: #WhatHappensNext ??? Paul goes deep into #writing “Wolverine Origins” and how Hollywood screwed up his comic on film. The post #WhatHappensNext

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#ComicsoutofContext: Archie Beats Off

Jay Sandlin/ May 31, 2019

Was #Archie pushing all the boundaries, even before the #Riverdale days or was it just a different time? The post #ComicsoutofContext: Archie Beats Off appeared first on Jay Sandlin Writer. Jay Sandlinhttps://jaysandlin.com/

Coffee Chat: Amy Lyle

Jay Sandlin/ May 31, 2019

Trying not to be mistaken for a jockey, I ran into author, comedian, and alpaca riding champion, Amy Lyle, at the Kentucky Derby…. After drinking Irish coffee while losing a few track bets, Amy finally felt amenable to a short conversation. I felt lucky my diplomatic status as Shortlandia’s chancellor granted me a private box at this prestigious event. Unfortunately

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#ComicBookTalk: She Said Destroy

Jay Sandlin/ May 30, 2019

Gods Write Destruction in Bloody Stars Writer: Joe Corallo Artist: Liana Kangas Colorist: Rebecca Nalty Letterer: Melanie Ujimori She Said Destroy is an age-old battle of light vs. dark, with the distinction that the light seeks to burn your f’n face off. Corallo married space opera and fantasy. Sometimes, “magic in sci-fi” stories feel a lot like ice-cream mixed with

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#WhoWouldWin: Lobo vs He-Man

Who Would Win Show/ May 29, 2019

And in the next episode of #WhoWouldWin….It’s Lobo VS He-Man! Will the Main Man get the win or will the 80s Icon and original Master of the Universe pull out the victory? And who will special judge Philip Wilburn, the voice of DragonBall Z’s Android 19 choose as the winner? Check out our AMAZING sponsor Back Blaze,offering online Backup for

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#WhoWouldWin: Arya Stark vs Damian Wayne

Who Would Win Show/ May 20, 2019

And in the next episode of #WhoWouldWin….It’s Arya Stark vs the latest Robin, Damian Wayne! Will one of the ultimate survivors of Game of Thrones win or will the killer instinct of Bruce Wayne’s son get the victory? And how will special judge, comedian, and improv genius Jesse Arlen Klein decide this battle? Follow #WhoWouldWin on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2379734168922629/?ref=bookmarks Follow

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Comic Book Review: Cornrows #1

Jay Sandlin/ May 16, 2019

Writers today have more opportunities to create and publish than any time in human history. Think about it. We’re living in a new Renaissance of entertainment due to the Internet. Ivory tower publishing houses are no longer the sole source for would-be bards with a muse in their heart. Comic creators especially have multiple outlets for making graphic novels, even

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Jay Sandlin/ May 15, 2019

JaySandlin.com #ComicsOutOfContext No, #Robin, just…..no. #WhatHappensNext ? The post #ComicsOutOfContext appeared first on Jay Sandlin Writer. Jay Sandlinhttps://jaysandlin.com/

#WhatHappensNext: Into the Jenkins Verse

Jay Sandlin/ May 14, 2019

Dive “Into the Jenkins-Verse” w/ #comicbook legend @mypauljenkins in the finale of #Wolverine: Back to School. Paul critiques panel’s story pitches! Alternate Titles for films! Tips for #WritingCommunity! The post #WhatHappensNext: Into the Jenkins Verse appeared first on Jay Sandlin Writer. Jay Sandlinhttps://jaysandlin.com/

#WhoWouldWin: Snake Eyes vs John Wick

Who Would Win Show/ May 13, 2019

And in this episode #WhoWouldWin…The Hit Man with a soft spot for dogs takes on GI Joe’s ultimate Ninja Warrior as John Wick fights Snake Eyes in another episode of #WhoWouldWin!Will Snake Eyes (repped by Ray Stakenos) get the win for the G.I. Joe team or will John Wick (repped by James Gavsie) get the victory? With special judge Josh

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#WhoWouldWin: The Tick vs Jessica Jones

Who Would Win Show/ May 6, 2019

It’s the somewhat clueless behemoth vs the detective with attitude as the Tick takes on Marvel’s Jessica Jones in another episode of Who Would Win! Did the Vote Match the Fight? Press play now to find out. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll. With special judge Steffon

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